How To Provide Respite - Application
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How to Become a NAMI Maine Certified Family Respite Provider





Welcome to the Family Respite program. Being a respite provider is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Thank you for applying!

Please complete the forms below and submit them to Chelsay Evans for processing. Respite providers are hired as per diem employees for NAMI Maine and must be at least 18 years old. Individuals who would like to provide respite services can work up to 29 hours per week.

Getting Certified Is Easy. Use the following chart to help you complete all the necessary steps.


                                               Click here for Provider Application


Application Requirements

Details and Instructions

You must be at least 18 Years Old


Have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED


Fill out and sign the NAMI Maine Family Respite Provider Application


30 Hours of child-related education or the equivalent


If you do not have 30 Hours of child related education or the equivalent, you will be contacted and asked to complete the Respite for Me online Modules.


(Send in copies of any certifications with your application)

Behavioral Specialist I Certification


Behavioral Health Professional Certification


Acceptable combination of child-related formal training, seminar hours and academic courses

Provide NAMI Maine with two (2) References

Please use the NAMI Maine forms provided in this packet.

You must be certified in CPR/First Aid/Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP)

If you are not already certified, there are several online resources for becoming certified.

Check out your choices using the following link. Provide us with a receipt for the cost of the classes and, once approved, we will reimburse you for the cost (up to $50).

Provide a copy of either your work history or resume



Send this in with your application

Participate in a brief phone interview

A Regional Respite Manager will contact you to conduct this interview.

Complete mandated reporter training

If you already have mandated reporter training, you must provide proof (certificate, letter from instructor, etc.)


Obtain training by completing the Maine DHHS online mandated reporter training available here: (send in your certificate upon completion)


Obtain training through other approved mandated reporter training and provide proof of training upon completion.

Acceptable Background Checks

We require Child Protective Services, Maine Motor Vehicle and Maine State Bureau of Investigation background checks.

Background checks are required for all individuals age 18 and older who live in your household.


NAMI Maine pays all costs related to the background checks.

The background checks are done by NAMI Maine.

Make sure you include signed forms for yourself and each household member age 18 or older.


Send your completed application to:

NAMI Maine Family Respite Program

ATTN: Chelsay

1 Bangor Street

Augusta, Maine 04330


Fax 207-621-8430


Scan and Email to

If you have any questions about the application process, contact Chelsay Evans, NAMI Maine Respite Application Specialist.

1-800-464-5767 or 622-5767 x 2314

No application will be approved until all requirements of the application process are complete.

Once we have received all the required application information, please allow 2 weeks for your completed application to be processed and considered for approval.

NAMI Maine reserves the right to decline to move forward in the hiring process of any applicant.