Legislative Activity

2017 Policy Agenda

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128th Maine State Legislature, First Session

Legislation Status in Committee Position
LD 38: An Act to Strengthen the Maine Children's Growth Council
PASSED Support
LD 94: An Act To Provide a Source of Funding for Drug Abuse Resistance Education DEAD Oppose
LD 102: An Act To Make a Person Convicted of a Crime Liable for Payment of Investigative and Prosecutorial Costs DEAD Oppose
LD 114: An Act to Increase the Number of Suboxone Prescribers DEAD Support
LD 162: An Act To Improve Care Provided to Forensic Patients  VETOED  Support 
LD 179: An Act to Make Creating a Police Standoff a Class E Crime  PASSED  Oppose
LD 309: An Act to Restore Judicial Discretion  PASSED Support
LD 377: An Act to Create a County Jail Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Grant Program  SPECIAL APPROP Support
LD 384: An Act to Strengthen Maine Children's Mental Health  Carry Over Support
LD 447: An Act to Coordinate Services and Support Workforce Development for Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Peer Recovery Services  DEAD  Support
LD 468: An Act to Provide for a Later Starting Time for High Schools  DEAD Support
LD 582: An Act To Provide for the Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Educational and Behavioral  Assessment of Children Entering State Custody  VETOED Support
LD 607: An Act To Enhance Maine‚Äôs Coordinated Response to Mental Health Crises  DEAD  Support
LD 665: An Act To Give the Courts Sentencing Discretion When a Person with a Developmental Disability Has Been Convicted of a Crime   DEAD Support 
LD 701: An Act To Establish the Maine Paid Family Leave Insurance Program  ONTP Support
LD 808: An Act To Restore Community Support Services for Adults with Mental Illness VETOED  Support
LD 848: An Act To Support Law Enforcement and First Responders Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder   PASSED Support
LD 902: Resolve, To Increase Access to Evidence-Based Psychosocial Treatment for Children in the MaineCare Program  Carry Over   Support
LD 966: An Act To Create Mental Health Liaison Positions in Each County Jail   Carry Over Support 
LD 1159: An Act To Support Healthy Workplaces and Healthy Families by Providing Paid Sick Leave to Certain Employees  DEAD  Support 
 LD 1189: An Act to Define the Age of Consent for Alcohol or Drug Treatment and Mental Health Services Carry Over  Support
LD 1231: An Act Regarding Mental Health Care for Maine Veterans  PASSED Support
LD 1308: An Act To Create a Bridge to Self-sufficiency for Vulnerable Segments of the Population by Providing Incentives to Employers   SPECIAL APPROP Support
LD 1322: An Act to Conduct Mental Health First Aid Training of Correctional Personnel SPECIAL APPROP Support 
LD 1335: An Act to Provide Youth Mental Health First Aid Training to Secondary School Health Educators PASSED Support 




Majority/Minority Report

OTP-A(M): Ought to Pass as Amended

ONTP: Ought Not to Pass

Carry Over: Bill to be carried over to 2nd session of 128th Legislature

SPECIAL APPROP: Placed on the Special Appropriations Table for funding

VETOED: Governor's veto was sustained by legislature