Support for School Communities
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If a school community experiences a suicide or a significant suicide attempt, it is a time of crisis.  Every school district should have suicide policies and procedures that assist in guiding a school community response when faced with a threat of suicide or a suicide death.  These protocols address the needs of the administrators, teachers/staff, students, and parents.  Suicide crisis response and postvention is critical as it:


·         Maintains a focus on student and staff safety, addressing the risk of contagion

·         Provides guidance for support to grieving and/or traumatized peers & staff

·         Addresses the need for screening and follows-up with those who may need additional support

·         Reduces the likelihood of contagion for suicide



Resources for Developing your School Protocols:


Youth suicide prevention, intervention & postvention guidelines:  A resource for school personnel


SPRC (Suicide Prevention Resource Center)-a toolkit for schools



Responding to a crisis at school

Suicide Prevention Awareness Training Video + Toolkit for Maine School Personnel




For assistance in developing suicide policies and procedures in your school please contact Suicide Prevention Training Coordinator, Amy OuelletteSee our schedule of protocol development trainings.

For an FAQ regarding the April 25, 2013 legislative decision requiring all public school staff in Maine to complete suicide prevention awareness training