Aashley Malsbury

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Aashley serves as the Policy Associate on NAMI’s System Integration Project focused on looking closely at the mental health system in the state of Maine, with the purpose of identifying factors that would indicate the system is working successfully. She will be soliciting feedback from as many stakeholders in the state’s Mental Health system as possible to collaboratively generate "success indicators" of the system's functioning. Once these indicators are identified, she will collect data from various service areas and use that data to assess how the system is performing. The end goal in collecting all of this data and reporting it out in relation to those collaboratively identified success indicators is to have a breadth of knowledge about the functioning of Maine’s current mental health system, which can then be used to inform advocacy for or against future policy decisions that affect peers and providers within the mental health system.



Aashley moved back to her home town in Maine from Massachusetts in July 2015 to join NAMI Maine's initiative for system reform. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Gordon College. Before moving to Maine she spent the last three years working for an agency that provided intensive, community-based services to children and families. Her work with-in the mental health system in Massachusetts has made her passionate about how existing systems interact with the individuals they are designed to serve.  


Ask Aashley About…

  • Sharing your thoughts on what it means to have a "successful mental health system"
  • Questions and thoughts about Maine mental health policies
  • Data regarding the impact of the current mental health system