Greg Marley


All NAMI Maine staff members can be reached at 207.622.5767or by mail at 1 Bangor Street, Augusta ME, 04330Fax: 207.621.8430

Greg Marley, LCSW
Clinical Director



Greg is the Clinical Director of NAMI Maine, and the Training Director of the Maine Suicide Prevention Program.   He oversees the suicide prevention program for NAMI and provides clinical input for other programming.  

Greg has practiced in the field of community mental health and prevention in Maine for over 25 years.  Since 2007, Greg has developed and presented training and education supporting the needs of a diverse set of partners in suicide prevention.  He comes to this work from a background in crisis and emergency services, substance abuse prevention, and program management.   Greg lives in Rockland with his family and spends considerable time messing about with wild and medicinal mushrooms as an author, teacher and forager.

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  • Clinical assessment
  • Consultation regarding suicide prevention and support
  • Clinical training requests
  • Postvention requests