Benefits of Family Respite
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Why Families Become Part of the

NAMI Maine Family Respite Program

  • Respite provides the family with a brief, planned break from the everyday caregiving of children with disabilities and special health care needs.
  • Respite is family focused. An action plan is developed by the parents with the respite provider and is aligned with a child’s current action or treatment plan.
  • Families get to choose the approved provider they want to provide respite services to their child(ren).
  • Families are encouraged to approach family members, friends, neighbors, church members and other individuals known to the family about becoming their respite provider
    • Families with qualifying children under the age of 18 are eligible to apply for respite
    • "I am a single parent with two children with very high special needs. Being able to use Respite and pay someone for their care allows me to have some time to relax, rest and do something fun.*."

      • Up to four children per family may be approved for respite services
    • Their child(ren) must be diagnosed with:
      • Two or more significant delays (6 months) in areas of development or
      • An emotional disability or
      • A behavioral disability
  • Families qualify for 24 hours of respite per month (up to 288 annually)
  • Any unused hours roll over until the end of the fiscal year (June 30)




*Quote from Maine families using the NAMI Maine Family Respite Program.