Suicide Assessment for Clinicians Training
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The ability to conduct an effective suicide risk assessment is a vital skill for people working in clinical settings with people at risk.


This day-long workshop builds knowledge about suicide trends in high risk populations across the lifespan and takes participants through the steps of a suicide risk assessment interview.  Additional material is presented on intervention, determination of level of care, treatment, and referral.  This training is designed for those working in mental health and primary care clinical roles who need more in-depth resources and information in order to assess suicide risk.


The assessment is done using the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) which will also be covered in the training.


Who Should Attend?


·         Mental health/substance abuse clinicians (in outpatient and inpatient settings)

·         Crisis clinicians and Emergency Department staff

·         School guidance, social work, and nursing staff

·         Primary care practice staff



Upcoming Suicide Assessment for Clinicians Training Locations and Registration