Policy Agenda
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NAMI Maine's Policy Agenda

On behalf of individuals and family members impacted by mental illness in Maine, NAMI Maine will utilize a variety of approaches to advance the following:

1. All Mainers have access to quality, specialized and accessible mental health treatment and support services.

2. A comprehensive continuum of evidence-based programs providing an array of services from early identification, family education, peer support and treatment services will be available for individuals across the life span.

3. Individuals living with mental illness accessing treatment services will be empowered and treated with respect to determine their own care, when medically feasible.

4. The strengthening of community resources and supports for individuals and families to help alleviate the impacts of mental illness on the quality of individuals’ lives.

5. Individuals requiring inpatient care for mental illness will receive services that meet the highest standards of care regardless of setting or payer.

6. The knowledge, skills and resources exist for all Maine citizens to assist someone at risk for suicide to get the help they need.

7. Law enforcement, corrections and juvenile justice professionals who encounter individuals in mental health crisis have the tools necessary to deescalate and stabilize challenging situations.

8. Maine supports best practice programming to intervene and support the needs of trauma impacted people across the lifespan.

9. Maine state leadership creates and supports a mental health system of care that respects the strengths, challenges and needs of all people affected by mental illness.


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