Behavioral Health Homes
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  • What is a Behavioral Health Home (BHH)?

This is a term used to describe a team inside a licensed community mental health provider. To be a Behavioral Health Home, an agency has to develop a relationship with one or more participating medical practices. By have a counseling center and a doctor’s office work together, they address the physical and behavioral health needs of eligible adults and children. These groups work together to make one plan in one location that includes mental health and physical health goals. 

  • Is a BHH a residential facility?

No, this is a type of service delivery model where services are housed under the same roof. To participate in these services, no one is required to relocate or live in a residential placement.

  • Who is eligible for this service model?
  • Adults with serious mental illness
  • Children with serious emotional disturbance
  • Are these services voluntary?

Yes, these services are completely voluntary and service recipients can chose to either opt in or opt out.

  • Where can I find a list of approved and licensed providers?

By calling MaineCare Member Services at (855) 714-2416, open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.


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