CIT History & Facts
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CIT History & Facts


CIT Nationally

  • CIT was developed in Memphis in 1988 as a model for patrol response to a psychiatric crisis.
  • CIT is recognized by the Department of Justice and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as a best practice for law enforcement and community response to psychiatric crisis.
  • Research outcomes include decreased officer injury rates, decreased use of force, decreased arrest rates; decreased use of seclusion and restraint, decreased involuntary commitment, and improved treatment compliance.
  • Model is based on community collaboration and recognition of law enforcement as part of the team.
  • Now in its 26th year!


CIT Maine

  • NAMI Maine secures grant in 2000.
  • Portland Police Department develops initial CIT Program in 2002 in collaboration with NAMI Maine, Ingraham and Spring Harbor.
  • It expanded to Augusta, Westbrook and South Portland in 2003.
  • Adaptation of CIT to rural Maine.
  • Adaptation of CIT to Corrections.
  • First state in the nation to adopt CIT in Corrections.
  • Recipeint of SAMHSA 2007 Science to Service Award