Health Affiliates Maine and the Walk
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Health Affiliates Maine (HAM) is a statewide Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency providing therapy, case management and psychiatric assessment and treatment services. 


HAM has generously supported the Walk over the years with a sponsorship as well as a walk team. This year they have stepped up their efforts with some creative fundraising!  


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They have scheduled a whole calendar of events and activities for the rest of the summer and leading into the Walk on September 27th. Two of their most successful activities have been:

  • Jeans Monday, in which staff can pay $1 to wear jeans to work. Many staff have paid in advance for the entire summer!
  • Hump-day (Wednesday's) Dunkin' Run. A pad of paper and an envelope is placed out for cash so staff can place and pay for their Dunkin' orders. A .50 cent donation per order has been recommended but many donate more or round their order off to the next dollar. They call their order in ahead of time and the whole process goes very smoothly.

With just these two things alone, they are averaging $50 per week in donations! Other activities such as raffles are planned as well. Get inspiration from their calendar of events here!

HAM also created this thermometer and is using social media and posted it on their Facebook page as well as shared it on the NAMI Maine Facebook page. They are using it as a recruitment and donation tool.