Mental Wellness Tips & Resources
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Do you regularly check in with yourself and monitor
your emotional well-being for potential stressors?

Let's be honest, most of us do not maintain our mental health as we do with our physical health. Remember, there is not health without mental health. It is equally as important to be aware of how both your mind and your body are feeling. Traditionally people will take vitamins or visit the gym to keep themselves physically healthy, but what can you do on a regular basis to keep yourself mentally healthy?

NAMI Maine, in partnership with DHHS and SAMHS, has brought together a variety of resources and tips for you to use to keep both mental and physical health in balance.

Please note, many of these resources are self-help and natural support strategies that you could do everyday at home. If you would also like to explore support from a licensed mental health professional, please call the NAMI Maine Help Line at (800) 464-5767 to talk about your options and find a r
eferral in your area.