Donate Items for Peer Center

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Or call or email Elaine at 859-2667 or for more information. Thanks!

The Peer Center is open--and we're building our capacity step by step. Maybe you can help us fill our library shelves? We're looking for meaningful reads, non-fiction or fiction, that focus on personal growth, self-help, following dreams, overcoming obstacles, believing in oneself, spirituality, and more. If a book is meaningful or helpful to you, it will probably be so for others also. Thank you in advance!

So, if you'd like to donate books or any of the following items, please let us know. Call or email Elaine Ecker, Manager, at 859-2667 or

Other items we need:

Art & Crafts Supplies (see the Amazon Wish List for ideas or to order)

Cutting boards
Stainless Steel Soup Pot (Large/Steel)

Other ideas??