Mental Health System Reform Project

Project Scope:

There are many laws and policies in the state of Maine that determine what mental health services are available and who has access.

  • For this system to be successful, we believe it's important for the laws and policies to be based on the needs of the people in Maine.
  • Our goal is the implementation of wide scale, data-driven policy reform grounded in measurable outcomes through identified key indicators.
Phase One  

Throughout the last year, NAMI Maine has generated a working list of critical success indicators that will be finalized for use during the remaining years of this project.

  • NAMI Maine met with key stakeholders from every county in the state to answer the question, "How can we measure the success of Maine's mental health system?"

Suggestions were then compiled into a list of thirty-three (33) success indicators. These indicators have been developed through a collaborative approach and are inclusive of all perspectives, which provides an essential foundation for this project’s future success.

In order to prioritize these indicators, NAMI Maine has developed a survey. This is an opportunity for all individuals with mental health concerns and those supporting them to share their input.



 Phase Two  

With feedback from providers, peers, family members, law enforcement, legislators and many more, we will finalize fifteen success indicators.

  • These indicators will be used to create a score card for Maine's mental health system.
  • Information will be collected from data sources across the state to establish a baseline of performance; where are we doing well at achieving the identified indicators and where is there work to be done.
  • This brings the efforts of phase one to life by developing an action-based road map for necessary change in Maine’s mental health system.
 Phase Three

A core component of NAMI Maine’s mission is advocacy. 

  • NAMI Maine will produce a comprehensive annual report for public distribution, sharing the data measurement for each identified indicator and outlining the progress made to positively impact that indicator. 
  • As the state’s largest grassroots mental health organization, NAMI Maine will use these indicators as a guide for our policy agenda and advocacy efforts for many years to come.

Where we are now...


Project Director: Jenna Mehnert, MSW / Executive Director

Project Coordinator: Aashley Malsbury / Policy Associate