Collaborative Safety Planning Training For Healthcare Settings
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Use of Collaborative Safety Planning in Healthcare Settings      


Best practice recommendations for addressing and managing suicide risk in healthcare settings include use of a good assessment tool for determining risk and guiding intervention.  A vital next step is the collaborative development and use of a Safety Plan to help an individual to recognize signs of a crisis and to manage themselves during periods of increased risk.  A Safety Plan is a tool and a process for working with a patient and potentially their family to identify and increase the use of coping skills, social and family supports and professional resources.  It is often used with people at increased risk for suicide, but is an excellent tool for use with anyone at risk for escalating crisis.  This session will provide the tools and process for implementing safety planning as one tool in a comprehensive suicide prevention strategy.


Appropriate for providers, clinicians, nurses and others working directly with patients at elevated risk for suicide.  Prior training in suicide prevention is recommended.

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