Annual Walk Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteering is a great way to be engaged in the Annual Walk. Our volunteers play a very important role in the success of the Walk and in the fight to break down stigma. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:


Parking Lot Attendees: Help out at this event by directing Walk participants to available parking. This will help ensure the Walk gets off to a smooth start! Parking lot attendee volunteers will be asked to start around 8:00am and will wrap up around 11:00am, just in time for the Walk kick off! Safety vests will be provided.


Walk Route Marshals: Help guide participants as they walk along the route. Volunteers will be placed at critical intersections to ensure the safe and effective flow of participants. Walk Route Marshals are an important piece of the safety of this event! Volunteers will set up along the walk route at 10:30am and return to the main venue around 12:00pm. Safety vests will be provided.


Cheerleaders: Help support and cheer on participants as they complete the Walk! Volunteer cheerleaders will be placed near the finish line of the route and be provided with noise makers. Don't be afraid to make some noise! Starts around 11:30.


Food Service: Help provide light refreshments and lunch to all Walk participants. Tasks include prepping bagged lunches for participants to grab at the end of the Walk. Prepping includes cutting sandwiches, placing them in brown bags, labeling the bags, and serving them. Prepping will begin at 10:30am.


Photographers: A picture is worth a thousand words! Help us capture every moment, from every angle! Volunteer photographers will be placed in one of three locations:

  • Main Venue: Volunteers placed in the area will be asked to take pictures of the various activities occurring before the kick-off. Please plan on being available from 9am-11am
  • Walk Route: Volunteer photographers placed along the walk route will be capturing participants in action. Volunteers may get a head start on the route or join in on the kick-off. Please plan on being in the walk route from 11:00am-12pm.
  • Live Photo booth: New this year! Volunteers will be provided with a scenic backdrop and props to capture silly photos of individuals and teams. Please plan on being available from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

PSA Videographer: Help us create a 30-second PSA clip to promote this year's Walk! PSA to be distributed on a state-wide level. We are open to creative ideas but the main goal is to generate interest and excitement about the event and it's mission of raising awareness and breaking down stigma! We are asking to have the video completed by the middle to end of July. Volunteer should have some video production experience.


Please contact with any questions or to sign up!