Why Do You Walk?
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The NAMI Maine Walk is the largest anti-stigma event for mental health in the state. It is also an opportunity to share stories of Hope, Recovery and Tenacity of Spirit. We at NAMI Maine hear stories everyday about the adversity individuals fight through as well as the negative impact that stigma has on individuals, families and suicide survivors. 

Stigma can stop when we Start the Talk and that begins with sharing our stories. The expression of our stories are not always written or verbal, they can be told through poetry, art, photography, fabric art, collage and many other ways. We are looking for people to share these expressions for our website and possibly for display at the NAMI Maine Walk, along with their message that speaks to Hope, Recovery and Resiliency. We would also like to hear if NAMI Maine has helped you in some way.

Please share your story using the following questions as your guide. If you’re more comfortable sharing your story anonymously, please be sure to check the box below and we will share it anonymously.



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  • Permission Guidelines:
    • All stories submitted are reviewed by NAMI Maine and all stories may not be used
    • Stories may be used on the NAMI Maine website, at the NAMI Maine Walk and any other materials or social media platforms that NAMI Maine uses.
    • NAMI Maine reserves the right to make edits or to use an excerpt from a story or an edited excerpt from a story, in whole or in part.
    • Stories with inappropriate or offensive language as well as information about specific medications or treatment may not be used or may be edited to remove such content.

    By submitting your story you give NAMI Maine permission to use it according to the guidelines above. If you would like your story to be anonymous, please check the box below