What is stigma?

  • Stigma is broadly defined as a collection of adverse and unfair beliefs.
  • The stigma around mental health most often leads to the inaccurate and hurtful objectification of people as dangerous, lazy, drug-seeking or incompetent. The shame and isolation associated with stigma can prevent people from accessing mental healthcare.

want to fight stigma in less than five seconds?

  • Awesome - here are some options:
  1. Go outside your house, stand on top of your car and yell about it.
  2. OR... If you have neighbors, harness the power social media to change minds and lives!
  • Make a goal for yourself to share at least one article, image or video each week that advocates for mental health and tag #stigmafreeME.
  • Share the #stigmafreeME image on your social media accounts and tag NAMI Maine!

It's that easy!