Board of Directors Expectations and Application
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Thank you for your interest in the NAMI Maine Board of Directors! Below you'll find additional information about the board, including expectations and application instructions.

Expectations of NAMI Board Members:


  *   Board members have an interest in people with mental illness and their families and time to devote to the agency and its mission.

  *   Board members must accept personal responsibility for taking an active, involved, leadership role, including, but not limited to working on committees or action groups, and serving in leadership roles on the board.

  *   Board members are expected to keep themselves informed on the organization’s performance in all program areas, to select, evaluate, and oversee a competent chief administrative officer, and to delegate to that person wide latitude and authority to manage the agency’s affairs.

  *   Board members are required to maintain a proper balance among the interests of members, staff, service recipients, and the general public.

  *   Board members are expected to participate in the agency’s fundraising activities, including making a personal donation, joining the agency as a member, and soliciting contributions and donations.

  *   Board members are expected to attend at least 75% of board meetings, to indicate if they need to be excused, and to participate actively in board discussions, the development of agency policies, and board committees and subcommittees.

  *   Board members are expected to assist in the development and implementation of the agency’s strategic plan and to help the chief administrative officer set long and short-term goals.

  *   Board members are recruited because they are recognized leaders who command the respect of colleagues and the public.  They are interested in the honor of being on the board and have a serious commitment to serve the agency. They have a high level of energy to devote to their role on the board and are able to subordinate external regional, personal or other interests to the overall good of the agency.


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