The CIT Training Course & Registration
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This 5-day, 40-hour course is presented in four phases, consisting of approximately 24 components, which include: 

  • Phase One: Provides in-depth coverage of the types, severity, signs and symptoms of chronic mental illnesses and the medications prescribed to help control the illnesses with their sometimes devastating side effects. 
  • Phase Two: Gives participants an opportunity to spend a full day visiting various local mental health facilities, so that the officers and individuals living with mental illness can interact one-on-one or in a large group discussion in a calm setting.
  • Phase Three: Enhances de-escalation skills through education and role playing.
  • Phase Four: Further informs the participants through videos and personal testimonies from family members, individuals and other officers.



For more information, contact Jenna Mehnert

by calling (207) 622-5767 x 2313 or emailing