Order Resource Materials

Order Materials - image of books

What resources can be ordered?

  • NAMI Maine stocks a wide range of brochures and booklets for public educataion, covering topics such as depression, anxiety, suicide, self-injury and others.
  • Additionally offered are outreach materials for targeted programs, including NAMI Maine rack cards, crisis magnet, consent decree overview and more.

How much does it cost?

  • Resources and shipping are always free; although, NAMI Maine reserves the right to limit quantities by availability and intended use.

How long does delivery take?

  • Allow at least two weeks for processing and delivery.
  • Due to changing availability, we recommend placing large quantity orders for events as early as possible.

Who orders public education resources?

  • Individuals and families
  • Case managers
  • School departments (Libraries, guidance offices, etc.)
  • Counselors/Social workers
  • Provider organizations
  • Health fairs
  • Statewide events/conferences

Please Note: Crisis Magnets are out of stock until further notice.  

NIMH’s General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) brochure is currently out of stock, and the PTSD brochure is only available in electronic format. Both are available to download and print at the NIMH website.

Link to GAD:  https://infocenter.nimh.nih.gov/pubstatic/QF%2016-4677/QF%2016-4677.pdf

Link to PTSD: https://infocenter.nimh.nih.gov/pubstatic/QF%2016-6388/QF%2016-6388.pdf