Waterville Peer Recovery Center

Round Table Recovery Talks - MWF 1pm

Alternatives to Suicide Support Group - Time Change: Tues 1-2:30

Hearing Voices Network Support Group - Wednesdays, 3 pm

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NAMI Maine's Waterville Peer Recovery Center (WPRC) at 32 Ticonic Street, Waterville, is growing steadily! We are step-by-step adding to our schedule to offer classes, support groups, community linkages and resources, outings, and a variety of activities to facilitate learning, growth, connection, and enjoyment. Keep reading for a brief overview of the program, and click on the links at the bottom to learn more.

Overall Goals:

Waterville Peer Recovery Center is a community where participants can feel accepted, uplifted, and empowered—experiencing hope and the reality of recovery.

Participants experience growth and change because of their own strength and resiliency and the support they provide each other, as they learn new things and come to believe more fully in their own worth, their hopes and dreams, and their ability to achieve them.

The Waterville Peer Recovery Center will continue to develop into a well-known, respected, and integral resource in the broader Waterville area community of care. It will exemplify the important role and positive outcomes that an authentic peer-run, recovery-focused community plays in people’s lives. 

All three paid staff, the Center Manager and two Support & Activities Coordinators, are Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialists (CIPSS).

The community is developing as a Consumer Operated Service Program or COSP, which basically means it will be a program governed by participants within agreed-upon values, structures, and everyday processes. Mutual peer support underpins everything, both informally and formally. That, along with choice and self-responsibility, are reflected in the community structures. (Please use links to learn more.)

Community Agreements - Establishes expectations and norms of individual and community interactions based on values of kindness and respect, mutual relationships, meaningful participation, care of property, safety, diversity, and peer support and empowerment.

Restorative Options - Provides a common understanding and language with which to have conversations to address various levels of disagreement or conflict.

Advisory Council - The Advisory Council is growing to include members who are interested in working together on the Center's underlying structures, such as by-laws, understanding requirements of our contract, and guiding center activities. They will also be working to guide us through any issues or conflicts that may arise in community life. 

Bylaws - Bylaws detailing the elections of officers, participation in the Advisory Council, community meeting structures and procedures, etc., will be developed during the first year of operation by the Center manager, Advisory Council, and Center community as a whole.

Hours of Operation:

Monday:       9 am to 5pm
Tuesday:      9 am to 6pm
Wednesday: 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday:     9 am to 5pm
Friday:         9 am to 5 pm

For More Information:
Program Summary 

Contact Natalie at natalie@namimaine.org. You may also email or call the Peer Center at peercenter@namimaine.org, 859-2667.