Recovery & Wellness
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The definition of Recovery is unique to each individual. It is an ongoing process or journey of change, healing and growth.  Recovery focuses on what the individual defines for themselves as living a full, meaningful, productive and satisfying life while living with a mental health challenge.  Recovery is about realizing one’s full potential and not being defined by any illness.  It is learning to live well. The hopeful message is that recovery IS possible.


Important to Recovery and Wellness are appropriate diagnosis and treatment which can include medication, complementary therapies and practices, education, learning new coping skills, lifestyle changes, and getting support from others.  Basic, fundamental needs such as safe housing, food, sleep and stability are key, and satisfying employment and relationships are also important to many people’s recovery. 



There are many types of treatment and support services for the person who is coping with a mental illness and for their family members and friends. Learn more about types of treatment and services that assist individuals in recovery on the NAMI website.

Learn more about Recovery and Wellness by visiting these links:

Maine Office of Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Recovery webpage

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In addition, the Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation provides social, educational and employment opportunities for adults who experience mental illness.  Clubhouses in Maine include: 


Physical health and wellness are also critical components of recovery. A NAMI Facts and Numbers document cites research showing that individuals living with serious mental illness have an increased risk of having chronic medical conditions and may die on average 25 years earlier than other Americans, due in part to treatable medical conditions.


Learn more about physical health and wellness here: