Support Group Facilitator Training
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  • Zoom Support Group Facilitator Training:
    • Saturday, 8/22 9am-5pm AND Sunday, 8/23 9am-5pm (Must attend both days to complete the training).
    • To register, click here

Learn How To Co-Facilitate A NAMI Support Group

Are you a family member or a peer (someone who has a mental health concern) interested in helping others get the support they need?  Are you a Veteran or the spouse/partner of a Veteran interested in helping other veterans?  Perhaps there is not a support group near you, or you’ve been helped in the past and you want to give back and help others.

Your help is needed.  Gain the skills you need to co-facilitate a NAMI Support Group.  

  • Learn about group dynamics
  • Learn group structure and process
  • Practice skills that insure an effective support group meeting

Who can apply for this free training?

Adults of any age welcome.  No prior experience facilitating groups is necessary. Volunteers must attend a 2-day training and commit to facilitating a NAMI support group that meets at least once a month for a one year period. All co-facilitators are volunteers and must have the lived experience of the type of group they facilitate. 

What type of support groups does NAMI Maine offer?

All NAMI Maine and NAMI Affiliate support groups are based on the same structured model that has proven to be effective by NAMI at the national level.  During each meeting, two co-facilitators follow this structure to ensure a positive support group experience for everyone attending.  These community based groups are led by individuals who "have been there” and have the lived experience of the type of group they are co-facilitating.  

Where are trainings held?

NAMI Maine trainings are held regionally throughout the state and may be held during the week or on the weekend. For more information or to request a training near you, contact a staff member in the Peer & Family Education Program.

What support do facilitators receive once they’ve taken the training?

NAMI Maine provides ongoing assistance for support group facilitators, including help with group startup costs, materials, operating guidelines, and ongoing help with outreach and training on how to run a successful group.