What is CIT?
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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training 

What is CIT?

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training consists of 40 hours of specialized training for uniformed patrol law and correctional officers, as well as emergency medical service providers, emergency room staff, and other first responders. Law enforcement and corrections officers learn how to respond to calls and situations concerning persons with mental illness in crisis. CIT is not just training--it transforms how the entire community responds to psychiatric crisis by creating on-going collaboration that ensures a more dynamic response and increases the likelihood of a successful diversion from the criminal justice system.


The Need for CIT

Law enforcement is often required to be the first-on-the-scene "caregiver" for persons with mental illness in crisis, and corrections officers also need to diffuse psychiatric situations in their facilities.


How CIT Operates 

Law Enforcement are often the first responders to come in contact with crisis events; therefore, it is important to have someone who can calm and contain the situation rather than exacerbate it. Corrections officers also must respond and evaluate inmates. Using CIT skills is proven to reduce use of force and restraints, resulting in less officer and inmate injuries. 


Remember, how law enforcement responds to behavior influences how society views that behavior.




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