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Our statewide programming is made possible by volunteers who are engaged with our events, affiliates, and programs. 

Would you like to get involved? Let us know!


Are you a family member or a peer (someone who has a mental health concern) interested in helping others get the support they need? Perhaps there is not a support group near you, or you’ve been helped in the past and you want to give back and help others.

Your help is needed. Gain the skills you need to co-facilitate a NAMI Support Group. 


Our lived experience – our stories - is where the power and impact lies to change lives, create system change and help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide.


NAMI is the nation's largest grassroots organization. Join us as we initiate comprehensive reform of Maine's mental health system that prioritizes every individual's access to quality, evidence-based services at the statehouse and within local communities.


Your membership increases our numbers, enlarges our influence in the legislative arena, and helps to support programs that make real differences in real people’s lives.

Membership is easy and affordable! Find the level that's right for you.