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Now is the time to join NAMI Maine. Your membership increases our numbers, enlarges our influence in the legislative arena, and helps to support programs that make real differences in real people’s lives. NAMI’s mission and programs are described in detail in this website; and if your personal mission is similar to ours, then becoming a member just makes a lot of sense.

Membership is easy and affordable. A Regular membership is $40 per year, and the Open Door membership ($5 per year) is available as well. There is also a Family membership for $60 per year. Each membership choice gives you full member status. Just follow the link, and provide the necessary information. That’s all it takes for us to welcome you aboard!

When you click on Join Now, you will be asked to create a user name and password. This will allow you to login to our NAMI Maine Community as well as join any of our Virtual Support Forums.

If you are a respite provider or family receiving respite, you already have access to your member profile.  To find out what your respite username and password is, please give us a call at 622-5767 ext 2314 or email